Phase Two: observation (Over)

hello hello! Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I had a day of crappy eats and didn’t really want to own up to it. By crappy I mean Chinese take-out and drinking eggnog out of the carton.

Guilty as charged ?
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High Achiever – good listen book Review
High Achiever by Tiffany Jenkins book review. quick review of the new memoir of a drug addict’s double life. read by the author.

Easy book to listen to while running, eating or whatever else people do.

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Marathon training Day 1


I ordered Pei Wei and for some reason I ordered it extra spicy and it was killer! I loved it though ?

Intuitive eating – phase two of my path to Intuitive eating was Observation. I think phase One was learning about Intuitive eating and realizing I need help.

I first learned about Intuitive eating around March. I read the book and then went to see Evelyn Tribole R.D. – one of the authors. She is a therapist and R.D. and I love her approach to weight loss via Intuitive Eating.

But, after going to her for a while she realized that I had a lot going on at the time – wedding planning, shopping for a condo with Ben, job searching… – yeah it was crazy times!

So Evelyn suggested I take a break from focusing on food and weightloss and enjoy all those exciting things going on in my life. I reluctantly agreed and we decided I would come back once everything slowed down.

Since that time I’ve been living my life and just observing my habits – good and bad. I try not to judge because the book does tell you to be a neutral observer and not to be vital (that is hard).

Well, observation time is over! I have identified my good habits, bad habits and Intuitive eating obstacles. now we are on to…

Phase Three: Living like an I.E.

I am ready to put everything I’ve learned over the past nine months into practice. This means eating when I’m hungry, sleeping or taking a break when I’m tired and expressing my feelings instead of eating.

I bought this white board so I can identify my feelings when I’m in the kitchen. one of the exercises Tribole taught me was to check in with myself at various times throughout the day and identify how I feel. Being aware of where I am at helps me recognize if I’m on the path to an emotional/tired eating day.

Yes, I put up the board with dirty old shoe laces. If you have a better idea I’d love to hear it. and please don’t suggest I just wash the shoe laces because I am lazy.

So, I’m going to check in with myself via this board throughout the day. I know it sounds a little very controlling and little crazy, but this is what I need right now. peace out.

Breakfast and running! I almost forgot this is a food and fitness blog not just a crazy girl talking about her disordered eating habits blog.

I did 6 miles and it was great! Today is an absolutely stunning day. I even got a little too hot with all my layers on! Sevdim.

Well, truth be told that new Kashi cereal is almost halfway gone. Bayıldım. A little too much actually.

I made a yogurt bowl with strawberry Chobani, banana and cereals. I also added some almond butter to the spoon ? and while I’m in love with the new Kashi Crisp cereal –  I am not loving this Nature’s path one. I expected more raisins and clusters – and the pumpkin seeds are completely MIA. Boo. I usually love N.P., but I won’t be getting this again. mutlu Pazartesi ?

Christmas is only 11 days away!!! Are you done with your shopping yet?!?!

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Orange county fair 5K Race discount and 5K training Plan

Orange county fair 5K Race discount and 5K trAining Planı

Merhaba! Benim kadar koşmayı ve yemeyi seviyorsanız, 5K koşmayı ve fuara gitmeyi düşünmelisiniz… hatırlayın

Daha iyi olmak ve daha hızlı koşmak için kötü koşulardan öğrenmenin anahtarı

Daha iyi olmak ve daha hızlı koşmak için kötü koşulardan öğrenmenin anahtarı

Kötü bir koşudan nasıl öğrenilir. Yavaş veya yorgun hissetmek olur, bazen koşmayı kısa kesmeniz gerekir. İşte nasıl şekillenir

Kötü bir alışkanlık nasıl durdurulur – 126

Kötü bir alışkanlık nasıl durdurulur – 126

Yemek yemeyi, aşırı yemeyi veya başka bir kötü alışkanlığı durdurmak için hile. diyeti atmanıza yardımcı olacak en iyi sezgisel yeme ucu

Hafta Sonu Koşu ve Yemek Güncellemeleri

Hafta Sonu Koşu ve Yemek Güncellemeleri

Merhaba! Nasıl gidiyor? Bu hafta sonu koşu, yemek ve… tekrarlamak için hızlı bir özetim var. Oh, ve sonunda listeleniyorum

Koşu bandı duş köpekbalığı tankı ve öğle yemeği tarihleri… tarihler mi?

Koşu bandı duş köpekbalığı tankı ve öğle yemeği tarihleri… tarihler mi?

Merhaba! Nasıl gidiyor? Sadece bu hafta sonundan en sevdiğim koşu ve yemekle kontrol ediyorum! Ne ile meşgulsün? Birinci

Sezgisel yeme ve binging hakkında Soru -Cevap, yaz koşusu için ipuçları ve daha fazlası!

Sezgisel yeme ve binging hakkında Soru -Cevap, yaz koşusu için ipuçları ve daha fazlası!

Yiyecek Fitness Sezgisel Yeme Soruları ve Cevapları Çalıştırma. Yaz koşusu için ipuçları, depresyondaysanız ne yapmalı ve

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